Un interviu excelent

Interviu cu Jim Norton. Super comediant.

E destul de lung, dar daca te intereseaza stand-up comedy, sa faci sau sa te uiti, merita citit, e plin de lucruri foarte adevarate si bine spuse. Ca de exemplu:

What would you say is the worst part about doing stand-up comedy?

The fact that every night, you’re starting with a clean slate. From one set to the other – and now I’ll be dramatic – you’re great or you suck. The other night at Stand-Up New York, I’m working on this five-minute set, I’m timing it out and seeing if it flows. And it killed at Stand-Up New York. And then I went to the Cellar and I died a horrible death. And that’s the way it is for us.

I’m sure musicians have that, too, and actors have that, too, but the response you want from stand-up is so completely direct. You’re yanking an emotion out of people, and it’s immediately apparent if you’re getting what you want. Yes or no, they laugh, they don’t laugh. So you immediately have fucking feedback. So you’ll get this immediate great feedback, and then 10 minutes later you go downtown, with the same material, and get much different feedback.
So you always have this sense of doubt with stuff, like no matter how many good shows you have in a row, if you have one or two dog shit sets in a row, you’re like ‘I am a fucking unfunny bag of vomit. I fucking suck.’ It’s because that low self-esteem is always there just waiting for a fucking chance to actually pop out and run the show, always. And it’s always waiting for an opportunity to just make you miserable.

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