Revenind la oaia mea

Daca tot ne-am potolit cu drumurile o vreme, pana cand luam drumul marii, se pare ca o sa mai apuc si sa scriu pe aici. Dar incepem cu incetisorul 😉

Click aici pentru un interviu superb cu Geno Bisconte, un baiat necunoscut, dar care pune mai multe puncte pe i decat pune existenta lui Fuego probleme mintii mele.

So what happens when the crowd turns on you?

If they laugh at nine of my jokes, and they don’t laugh at the tenth, that’s a compliment. If you’re really proud of your craft, you don’t wanna just be that monkey with the cymbals clapping; you want people to like your jokes. You don’t want the crowd to be a bunch of whores— like when you say, ‘Hi’ and they’re like, ‘Wah, that’s hilarious!’ No. When you don’t laugh at that tenth joke, then I know you really liked the other nine. So thank you, and I’ll do my job and I’ll fix that tenth joke.
My buddy told me there’s two ways to do my act— you can either do it mean, and then I’m just a preachy asshole up there, or mean with a happy edge. So it’s like, ‘Look, what I’m saying is mean, but I’m in a really good mood and I’m a really good guy and you’re gonna see it.’ And when they’re not on my side, I can either get mad at them and get really mean and push them away more like the idiot that I am or I can just be like ‘Just focus on what you’re saying. Have faith— know there’s a point to it and just keep going. Eventually, they’ll come around.’ ”

Si apoi mai e citatul asta, care m-a uns pe suflet: “You have to be able to laugh at what’s not funny. Laughing at what’s funny is easy.”

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