Despre repetat glume

…dintr-un interviu foarte misto cu Todd Barry. Care la randul lui e foarte misto.

Do you typically retire the material on an album?
I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about that lately. It used to be before you had albums out and before you had specials on TV you could just do the same act for years— not that you want to do that. You could go do a show and 90 percent of  the crowd hasn’t heard any of it and they’re fine with anything you do. Then there’s 10 percent who are like, ‘I just drove half an hour or an hour and I’ve heard like 80 percent of this shit.’ And they’re the ones that have blogs.

It’s legitimate for them to want to see something new, especially if they’ve seen you years ago. It’s weird because there are some people who want to hear the old stuff and will say, ‘Why didn’t you do the old stuff?’ And then there’s people who are like, ‘How come you repeated jokes?’ Then there’s some people who can’t believe you repeat a joke ever— which is just naïve.

Those are the same people that believe every time they see a comic, it’s all off the cuff.
Right. Ultimately it’s never going to be a bad thing if you write more new material. If you have new material, there’s no one who could complain that you did new material. But they can complain if you do old material.

Yeah, it’s funny. When you see a band, it’s the opposite. People don’t like hearing songs that aren’t on an album.
Yeah, people get bummed out that bands do new songs. But their old songs were new songs at some point.

One response to “Despre repetat glume

  1. SPune bine tipul. Oricum, nu inteleg ce mare chestie cu repetatul glumei. Am auzit unele glume sau bancuri de zeci de ori si rad de fiecare data cand mi le spune altcineva. Conteaza cel mai mult cum le spui, parerea mea!

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